Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keep breathing - HA!

It's kind of surreal: in about five weeks, I'm going to be living 6 hours away. Not that I have time to pack, I'm inundated with schoolwork, paid work, and sleeping. 


I frogged back my interlocking leaves socks and started on a Pomatomus socks - I love the pattern, but I've been struck by an unforeseen hitch in my work.


My needle snapped.  I tried to tape it, but it's bamboo, and it just won't stick together.  *dramatic sigh*


Work on my moose has been halted for a while, now.  W wants to fill the frame out with foam, which annoys me a little. It would be so much easier to have the frame first, and then knit to that shape - and, after I leave for New Hampshire, how am I going to finish this?  I can't.

Plus, I'd like to have the needles back to do other toys!

Anyway, knitting progress has gone very slow, and I haven't really done any cooking or crafting that is otherwise impressive. I haven't even planted any seeds - I figure it would be cruel bringing them into the world when I don't know if they'll have a balcony or windowsill to rest on.  My mint hasn't come up, either.



  1. Good luck with the move! By the way, is that six hours of driving or 6 hours as in a different time zone? Six hours from NY would put you in Italy, among other possibilities. :)

  2. Hope you can get a replacement needle soon. The socks look lovely so far.

  3. bummer bout the needle. I love the socks!


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