Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sun Sets on a Project

Tuesday, I sent W a text with this picture:


I finished his socks! Of course, he didn't come home until after I went to bed, and then yesterday, I didn't see him until late last night... But I managed to get his picture.


He's pretty busy working on finishing his 2-Quarter... and I should probably be working on the papers I have to write.  But, I've already started another pair of socks:


The yarn is On Your Toes, purchased at the Yarn Boutique in the city.  It's so gorgeous and soft! These are definitely going to be me socks :)

I've almost reached my limit on baby hats and kitty blankets.  After the Hooks and Needles party on Friday, I'm probably going to spend the rest of break knitting these socks for myself :)

And, check out the gorgeous sunset yesterday:


  1. Those socks came out gorgeous! From the swap right??? It isnt even over and you've finished socks with the yarn!!! I LOVE IT
    Your sunset is beautiful..i've been inside for ours...very heavy cloud cover in sunset to see so Thanks

    Never apologie for GLEE LOVE!!! I am new to the show and loving it

  2. Love the boyfriend socks. Looks like he loves them too.


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