Friday, February 4, 2011

February TUSAL Update


Ha, I'm such a spaz! I took the picture for this post yesterday, intending to post it, but then I got wrapped up in homework. (Insert a collective sigh.)  For those of you that have been wondering what I've been up to, it's pretty much that.  I have made little progress on anything, but that's the subject of another post entirely.  This post is about ORTs.


January has seen a lot of little scraps. The small, bright bits are scraps from the baby hats I've been working on.  They're so rewarding, they're the perfect stress knit - only an hour, so I don't feel guilty for squeezing one in here or there.   And some have pom poms, which is yarn scraps galore!

I also have some threads from my quilting/sewing binge.  Sadly, I haven't picked up the quilting since, but I'm due to do some cutting today after I finish a quiz, go to a student summit, cook dinner, clean Lotus's cage, write the rough draft of my term paper... URG. I'm going to stop now.


  1. Heh, I haven't touched my sewing machine in ages, and I barely know how to use it. Le sigh. Maybe this weekend we'll both be less busy...

  2. I hate when real life gets in the way of fun. Hope you'll find some stitching time soon.

  3. Being in school is so very hard. I admire you. You are doing so very much at once. Your little jar is so sweet....and in focus!


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