Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am so silly! I almost forgot to make my new moon TUSAL post! Thankfully I saw Dee's post here and remembered, thanks Dee :)  Hopefully I won't forget next month! Enter a photo snapped in Photobooth:

Photo 42

So what in my jar?  The ends from Christmas projects, and a bit of yarn from the mittens I made for W's puppet.  I hope to add the threads from quilting, but I haven't even gotten the machine out! :(  Vowing to cut all the pieces first is a hard promise to keep!


  1. You're welcome. LOL

    Great TUSAL jar!

  2. I read about TUSAL on Knitting before Knitting was Cool's blog, referring to yours. I do have a collection of little bits of leftover yarn, but I'm not really taking part in TUSAL because I am saving my bits of yarn to put out for bird nesting material. So not Totally Useless, I hope!


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