Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another collaboration finished - kind of

Once again, I find myself doing work for stop mo - this time with W.  And instead of knitting a baby hat at club (shame!) I made this:


Yes, it's a wee little Thorpe for a puppet! I got to put it on him and do my homework with him tanding by my teapot.


Tonight he gets his legs tuned up, his mittens on, and later on this weekend he will become a movie star! I'll make sure to post in the next 5-6 weeks, when the film is completed and up online.


I also got a belated Christmas gift from my friend at Hooks and Needles! Stitch markers!


I love the presentation! :)  She doesn't make them professionally, but I think she should - they're gorgeous.


  1. Oh that's nifty! =o I can't wait to see the stop-motion!
    Also, those stitch markers are too cute :3

  2. I agree, she should look into making stitch markers professionally -- they're gorgeous.

    Every puppet needs a hat :-)


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