Sunday, December 5, 2010

How To: Make a Cut Paper Garland


This whole week I've kind of been obsessing about paper.  Paper snowflakes, paper garlands around my apartment... so, I thought I'd do a tutorial.


This post will show you how to make a dancing hedgehog garland using two sheets of paper, scissors, and tape! You can also do whatever design you'd like, but if you want to make my dancing hedgehogs, I've included the template here. 

Step One: Aquire Materials

There's not a lot of special materials! Basically, you just need two sheets of paper, tape, and scissors.  If you have an exacto knife, you can get a lot more precision in your cutting, but I made my stuff with just scissors.

Step Two: Cut and Fold
Cut your two sheets of paper in half lengthwise to make four pieces. 

Then, tape the pieces together.

Then, fold them accordion-style.  Make sure that the squares are the size of the template if you're using it! If not, they can be any size. 

Step Three: Do some Planning!

If you're using the template, cut it out loosely, so that you have the basic shapes but not the details.  If you're just drawing freehand, draw your basic outline - just make sure that the design extends over both edges of the paper, because otherwise you won't get a garland :)


Step Four: Cut.

First, use your scissors to cut out the basic shapes.  Then go back and fill in the details! Making the eyes maybe easier at the end using a hole punch.  I just cut a diamond shape.

Step Five: Reveal!

Unfold your lovely garland and hang it over your fireplace, the back of your couch, hutch, windowsill... whatever.


Thanks for checking out my tutorial, be sure to link back in the comments or send me an email with your work.


  1. Oh that is too precious! =D!

  2. So cute!! I am going to link to this post on my blog on Friday, if that's okay!? x

  3. Just came across this via the wonderful Maxabella Loves. Fantastic!! I make garlands and snow flakes with my kids but have never managed anything as creative as yours!! I'm inspired to try something more than hand-holding bodies!


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