Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Presents of the Non-Knitting Variety

Each year, my college friends do a secret santa - freshman and sophomore year, it was run through our floor, but this year, we did it ourselves.  I got a cool kid that likes war-like things, and pokemon.  So I went and made him this:


What is this?  It's a snowglobe! I made it with hot glue and army men :) It only cost about 7 dollars, too!


I wrote "Merry Christmas" in German (I don't speak German, but I looked it up) on the bottom.


I hear tell he had a total unwrap attack when he opened it! My roommate said she would film it, but she hasn't posted it up yet and it's been a few days, so I don't know if she ever will.

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  1. What a cute idea and perfect for the war guy. My son would love it too.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm...I might even have some green army men around here somewhere. I KNOW I have a jar.


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