Monday, December 27, 2010

And Thus Another Christmas is Conquered!

The presents are delivered.  Everyone loved them! I'm pretty excited that this Christmas went so well, especially since I made more hand-knit items then ever before this year - five!


Even the slippers, which I was really nervous about, were well received.

As for me, I made out like a bandit.  I got a new sewing machine, some rocking boots, and books, to name a few of my favorite gifts.  I'm already planning to quilt a bit, having little experience in quilting but a lot of experience reading about quiliting... so here's hoping.


Also in the realm of my life... my Dad's  computer got hit by a pretty nasty virus, and I'm having some very bad family problems.  I don't like keeping secrets, but the women of my family gathered around a table today and made the decision not to tell certain people in the family things "so that they can enjoy the holidays."  I'm happy I got to sit with my family and give my input, but I don't believe in keeping secrets.  I'm pretty bummed out about it - can't post here, of course, it wouldn't be a secret - but if  you could spare a prayer or a kind thought, I would appreciate it :)


  1. What cool slippers! I've never made them, but one day...

    And a new sewing machine, too, congrats! I feel the same about quilting.

    Sending prayers your way...

  2. Oh family! too bad you can't pick 'em. Glad the slippers were well-recieved (I think my knit gifts were too..) and awesome for your new sewing machine! I got boots too for Christmas :)

  3. Prayers being said that all will turn out okay. It is so very hard keeping secrets, especially secrets you wish you didn't have to keep.

    On the happy side --- those slippers are ADORABLE!

  4. those slippers are beautiful!!!!!! did you make the pattern?


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