Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rochester 2010 Yarn Crawl!

Today, I went with Ash and two friends from Hooks and Needles for the 2nd annual Rochester yarn crawl!

Before hand, I made a map, so we wouldn't get lost...

And we made four stops:
1.  The Yarne Source, where I got fun fur for a dollar.

Here's the Fun Fur plan: I have some blue fun fur, and not I have pink fun fur. I also have some natural colored wool... to make hedgehogs! Maybe a blue on for me and a pink one for W.

2.  The Yarn Boutique, where I was totally impressed by their amazing selection... and space! It was awesome!
I bought some purple and white yarn for my brother's Christmas present, which will be slipper socks in Alfred U colors :)  The purple looks like blue on the camera :(

3.  The Village Yarn, with mountains of books, magazines, and pretty patterns.
I bought two magazines and the Lion Brand Homespun Afghan Book!  I admit, I'm not really an afghan person, but I really love the projects in this book.  I would definitely make these afghans. :)
And yarn to make W's Christmas present and my next design :)

4. The Fiber Cafe, which...
... sells baked goods!!
Where we bought cake and sandwiches, and ooh'd and ahh'd at the beautiful atmosphere.

This trip was definitely a day well spent, as each yarn shop was slighty different and had different products to offer... not to mention different sales! I got the fun fur for a dollar, the Alfred U yarn for five dollars each, and the yarn for W for $3.50 each :) 

Who says yarn shops are more expensive than big box stores? There's a better quality and we're supporting local businesses.

Here's a parting shot of the back of Ash's car :)
And also... Ash won the grand prize! I can't wait to see what's in the giant gift basket :)

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  1. .....-books a flight- I clearly need to yarn crawl with you!(somehow magically XD) Your purchases are awesome.
    And all the shops look lovely, especially the Fiber Cafe!


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