Monday, October 18, 2010

Rhinebeck Recap


I have to say, Rhinebeck was pretty awesome! I had a great time with Ash and we will definitely be doing this again, with some more planning. So before I disappear for a while to go to a conference, I can grace you guys with this nice long post about it!


Ash and I had been talking with Rebecca about going to NYS&W this year, but we hadn't made any concrete plans.  Then, at the Yarn Crawl, we met a really nice lady that suggested that we go... and that was the sunny day that made the seed of the idea sprout up.  We reserved a hotel room.  I saved two paychecks.

We made the trip down in the dead of night on Friday, checked into the hotel at around midnight, and couldn't sleep.  Regardless, we were bright eyed and ready to go both mornings!

Our spoils:
  1. Yarn. A lot of yarn. I actually don't have a picture of all the yarn together (that will have to wait until Friday!) but it wasn't a lot of yarn... but it was nice, fancy, expensive yarn.
  2. A commemorative re-useable tote bag (Ash knows me waaaay too well.)
  3. A ravelry button (pictured above. We went to the Ravelry meet up but got there too late - some guy gave us horrible directions and we wandered lost for almost an hour - to get any gift bags!)
  4. A yarn swift (This was much-needed, and will be shared among the club.)
  5. Sustainably harvested birch size five dpns.
  6. Samson:
Sleepy rabbit.

Ash and I have decided to share joint custody of this angora rabbit.  He is totally cute!
Note the absolute look of terror on his face.
Being plucked on the ride home.

On top of that, I got a lot of inspiration.  I saw a few familiar faces, and took a ton of pictures!

Apple cider donuts - YUM.
This stall was my favorite - it was like a forest of Christmas trees made of yarn.

All in all, a great trip.
My favorite photo of the weekend


  1. I love the last 4 photos! And that you have joint custody of a rabbit! :)

  2. What gorgeous pics of Rhinebeck! I love the yarn you bought. I need to get there someday--I don't live very far away, I'm just worried about my wallet! ;)

  3. Alexis, you should definitely check it out! I know a lot of people online that go and don't buy a lot of things, and it's so amazing just to sit around and watch all the people! :)

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :)

    Yay to the new bunny. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to get a bunny for years. Maybe sometime soon :) I'm looking forward to more bunny photos!


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