Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Waster

Yesterday I lost my size 5 rosewoods.

Instead of the usual actions (read as: Flipping out and tearing the house apart in attempts to find them, crying, finding them in a crazy place, like the fridge.) I calmly sewed up my current owl, took some yarn, and worked on different needles!

Was a working on a project on my laundry list? Was I cleaning my plate?

No, but I did make this cutie.  Then I watched the end of Gurren Lagaan with W. (There may have been crying then.) Then I finished this cutie.  Then W and I played with it and talked about animating my toys, and listened to music.

Then, when I went to write in my journal, I found one of the lost boys in my bag! Without even looking!

As for the other two... well, I can work with just two needles today! They'll come back when they're ready, I'm sure.

As they say, never put off for tomorrow what you can put off today... or something like that.  


  1. Lost needles are such a hassle. DH actually bought me an extra crochet hook I could keep in my travel bag because I am constantly freeking out when I forget to take it out when I come home from a trip. Now thanks to my birthday hook, it can live in that bag without any life challenges. Great job moving on to another project.

  2. I want to make this tiny owl....where can I find the pattern??????


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