Friday, July 2, 2010

Testing 1... 2... 3...

So, I learned a valuable lesson this week.  That lesson: the power of the test knitting. 

It all started when I got a message from a user on ravelry asked me a question about Dino.  Of course! I'm always happy to clear up questions about my patterns! Let's take a look.

(Ten minutes later)


(Thirty minutes with an open notebook in front of me later...)

"No. Seriously.  What!?"

I have no idea why I wrote down what I did in that pattern.  The set up round before the neck is supposed to be there, it provides a taper that I like... but the entire rest of the body is written completely ignoring the number of stitches after the set up round, not before.

I feel horrible for not catching this mistake, but I feel even worse because people have KNIT Dino. They have encountered this problem, and, god bless them, they haven't said anything.  Thanks for suffering in silence!  

I have learned my lesson, though.  From now on, all of my patterns that qualify are going to be tested. I'm really sorry to everyone that knit Dino and got frustrated! It really bums me out, and I hope that it doesn't happen again...

Once again, really sorry!

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  1. I'll help you out and be a test-knitter as well, if you'd like. I'm always looking for things to knit, it'd be fun. :)


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