Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pattern Testing!

So, in order to fully understand the trials and tribulations of pattern testing, I decided to try and test a pattern myself. My own pattern? Yeah, none of that.  I wanted to try the free pattern testers group on Ravelry, but before I got to that, I noticed a post in another group that I'm in. 

That led me to create this glorious, glorious set of fingerless gloves!

The pattern doesn't have a name yet, but when it goes live I'll definitely post something up to tell everyone. I think that I helped the designer a lot.  I made the gloves in a smaller size, and I'm really happy how they stretch to fit my hands.  I centered the pattern on the back between two purl stitches to ... I dunno, just because. 

Taking photos of the two gloves together by myself was tough.  W was in Pennsylvania all this week, and I was left to take photos with a timer, balancing the camera under my chin.

 This one turned out ok.

 This one is photoshopped! (Evil me!) I took a picture of one hand, then the other, then over-layed the two layers. 

But, lo, I was also on the receiving end of pattern testing! I saw my mystery pattern come to life at the needles of some Ravelry users today, as well! I'm super, super excited.  

So this week, I got to give a new designer the chance to see their design made by someone else - and then I got that chance myself! I am definitely going to have all of my patterns tested from now on.  I also think that, if I get the chance, I'm going to test knit myself.  I think that test knitting can make me an even better designer :)


  1. I love the mental picture of you holding the camera under your chin! Test knitting sounds a great way to really understand pattern writing and someone else's design process.

  2. I thought I was the only one dumb enough to try getting a photo of both my hands at one time! Good thinking on the photoshop! LOL

    The gloves are lovely and I can't wait to see what your pattern is!

  3. Hi, the glove(s) look great! really like the pattern texture :). If you're still interested in testing more patterns...I recently listed my first design pattern in my etsy shop (a sushi animal amigurumi) and I would be interested (and slightly nervous) to have someone test it out so let me know if you'd like a free copy to try out and give me feedback on!


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