Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Me... Learn to Embroider

Other than that, the prototype for my next pattern is done!!

It's called Borneo, and it's a knit owl stuffie. 

There are a few adjustments between this critter and the final pattern.  The ears will be shorter, and the tail won't taper as fast, and of course, no wonky embroidery! I think button eyes are in order. Also, it will be a lot better knit :P This little guy feels rushed, but I WAS rushing to mail him to a friend from college, sooo...

I'm currently finished with a portion of the pattern-writing.  I'm planning on the pattern including instructions to make the doll in the round and flat with seams.  There will also be a "frankenowl" section on how to modify the pattern to make your own unique version.  It's a lot of work, test knitting, and designing, but in the end you will REALLY get your money's worth for this thing! It ain't no Dino.

I'm really excited to release this pattern, but it's probably not going to come out until September.  I'm going to aim to have the pattern written and tech edited by the end of the month, then give the world a month to test knit it, then release it September 1st. That's the TENTATIVE schedule, since I'm doing a million other knitting things at the moment. (Okay, maybe more like 4, but it sure feels like a million. I will most likely blog about all of them.)


  1. Awww he's so cute ;;
    I wish you luck with all the technical bits involving him =3

  2. Omigosh, you have a production schedule set up for the pattern release?! I feel like such a n00b, I cannot even remember to note what I am doing when I am working on a plushie! ^_^;

  3. Saffron! Are you subscribed to these comments? I can't comment on your blog (there's a problem with the layout, clicking on commmnts just refreshes the page) and I can't reply to the e-mail to respond to you! I just wanted to tell you about the comment thing.

  4. Thanks for the head up, Ally! I changed the template of my site, which I hope fixes the comments issue (I originally used a modified template and probably screwed some things up). ^_^;

  5. This is ADORABLE!! Haha, can't wait or the pattern :-D

  6. Whoo hoo! I can now comment on your blog! :D I'm sure there are others who are also doing a happy dance!

  7. Do you already have testers lined up? Because I'm totally interested!

    He's (she?) such a cutie!


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