Thursday, July 29, 2010

100 Things

1. I really like seeing these on other blogs, so I thought it would be a cool way to start things off.
2. This is not my first blog. In case you didn't know, I also blog here.

 3. I'm currently 20 years old.
4. I'm an EHS student at RIT.
5. I'm dating the love of my life. I refer to him as W.
6. W and I have an albino hedgehog named Lotus.
7. I'm a really contentious person. I try to do my best at everything I do!
8. I can focus really well. My grandmother has told me stories about elementary school. Apparently she would visit the school, peek into the classroom, and see me working furiously at the desk, with my tongue peeking out of my mouth.
9. If my grandma could visit me at work, she'd probably see a similar picture.
10. I've never gotten a speeding ticket.
11. I learned to knit when I was ten. That means I've been knitting 50% of my life.
12. My favorite type of jam is orange marmalade.
13. I like to bake, but don't really like to eat baked goods.
14. I'm afraid of dogs, big crowds, exiting swiftly off the highway, baby dolls, emus, and stepping on things that might cut me while swimming in lakes. I guess none of those are really major phobias. Except the dog one.
15. That said, if I had to get a dog it would be a Shiba Inu.
16. But I'm more of a cat person.
17. I'm a morning person. The best time and place is a college campus in the early morning.
18. I hate doing dishes.
19. I love Keri Smith. She's just... Amazing!
20. I guess I'm an artistic person. My high school teachers are still surprised I'm not an artist.
21. I'm not an artist because probably 90% of the art students I've met are horrible, ignorant, irresponsible people who I don't want to be associated with.
22. The other 10% of the artists I've met are pretty much the majority of my dearest friends.
23. I am a pretty religious person, but I don't like to talk about religion. I believe a person's relationship with their higher power (or absence of) is their own business. I believe that there are amazing people in every faith, and personal beliefs don't make up a person's entire being.
24. I once told a nine year old on a schoolbus my religion, and he spat on me. He was a "Christian." His parents, upon hearing that he did this, told the bus driver they would do the same.
25. I bite my nails.
26. I have a scar from handling a Great Horned Owl.
27. I would like to live on a modern homestead.
28. My dream job in high school was to be a stay-at-home mom. I'm not so sure about that anymore, because I love my major so much!
29. I have a hope chest.
30. I love hiking, and wish I did it more.
31. I wear glasses.
32. The only test I ever failed was for a Latin class that met once a week in the eighth grade. I got a 16.
33. I hoarde books, but I've read every book I have (or am planning on reading!)
34. The worst book I've read was Wuthering Heights. I got halfway through and couldn't read it anymore.
35. Other putter-downers: Son of a Witch, Heart of Darkness, Jane Austen (though I might give her a try again.)
36. I try to be frugal but my stash can't obey that!
37. I get most of my good ideas in the shower.
38. My least favorite color of paint is Cut Swiss.
39. Aside from a great uncle, I'm the first person in my family to go into an engineering-related-scientific-ish field.
40. If I could be any animal, I'd be a bird.
41. Things I wanted to be when I grew up, in ascending order: Antarctic explorer, Naturalist, Witch, Hermit, Writer, Manga Artist, Doctor, Photographer for National Geographic.
42. My favorite season is winter.
43. At the age of seven, I was escorted out of a Bible study for children after I asked why we are punished infinitely for the things we do in comparatively short periods of time.
44. I'm horrible at sports. I do play tennis, if you call what I do when I play tennis "playing tennis."
45. I love the sound of rain.
46. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Mango.
47. I use hot rollers on my hair.
48. My favorite breakfast food is an english muffin, spread with nutella, with banana slices in between.
49. I don't like to eat pork.  I will make exceptions for bacon.
50. I have no desire to sky dive or bungee jump.
51. My favorite historical figue was Beatrice Potter. I feel like I relate to her, but the opposite.
52. Also like Beatrice Potter, I love lichens.
53. I dream a lot.
54. I am a crybaby. Not in a whiny way, but in a teary way. I constantly find that I'm telling myself "DO NOT CRY DO NOT CRY!!"
55. I don't like spicy food.
56. When I was younger I used to eat sweets all the time, and now I don't like them at all.
57. I do like to chew Trident gum.
58. I like to arrive early to places.
59. I'm a huge planner.
60. I have never been on a cruise.
61. I do not know CPR. :(  Ha! I took a CPR class through my college and am certified for the next two years :)
62. I have never been in space. (Okay, I couldn't think of anything to put here!)
63. I try to do something nice for someone every day.  When I was little, my mother used to tell me too each morning before I went to school. I never gave up the habit.
64. I LOATHE procrastination. Don't get me started.
65. Remember the love of my life previously mentioned? Yeah, he's also my best friend ^_^;
66. I like to watch anime and read manga, but I'm no where near to an otaku (at least, I don't think so!)
67. I played the flute when I was in middle school.
68. I have a hard time thinking up things about myself.
69. I'm short. I have not yet found any uses for this.
70. I've never been to the west coast.
71. If I could, I would love to see the everglades. I think that would be so awesome!
72. On that note... I have a strange allergic reaction to mosquito bites.  They swell up the size of golf balls, then I get a fever and feel very ill for about a day.  Then they get red and scab over.
73. Sometimes I get migraines. It sucks!
74. I try very hard to be organized.
75. When, eventually, I get my own home, I want it to look like a house in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
76. My eyes are greenish blue... erm, hazel.
77. I recently bought my first car! It's a Ford Focus and I paid 2,500 for it.
78. I wash my bedding every week. I thought that this was normal, but apparently not for a college student.
79. Two years ago, W bought me my favorite piece of jewelry: it was a ring with a set pearl and two diamond butterflies.  Last year, the pearl fell off and we haven't found someone who can fix it.
80. I'm amazed that I haven't lost any other pieces of jewelry W has given me. I have really bad luck with jewelry.
81. The record was a gold ring that my maternal grandmother gave me when I was in the fifth or sixth grade. I went to school with it, and lost it on the playground. We never found it.
82. I still feel really guilty about that. If you find it, it has an A engraved in it in script.
83. I enjoy cooking things!
84. I don't really have a dream meal. I have a bunch of foods that I like to eat when I'm in certain moods.
85. After my trip to Greece after my senior year in highschool, I will never eat a greek salad again.
86. I've never gotten drunk.
87. I don't think that I make friends easily. I try, but I always end up wondering why s/he can act the way they do.
88. When I cook, I cook with butter. I'm not fat :D
89. When I was younger, my paternal grandparents tried to teach me how to play piano, but gave up because my fingers were too short. I can play Fur Elise though, but my two hands can't play in time with eachother.
90. I wear black and brown together. Usually often XD
91. I used to color lineart in photoshop. I wanted to do that for a career.
92. I also used to clean an lay type for scanlation groups.  I earn props for this sometimes :)
93. I was a girlscout.
94. My favorite girl scout cookies WERE Animal Treasures, but they got rid of those. Caramel Delights will have to do.
95. I don't really like bread. I LOVE toast, though.
96. My favorite things to knit are stuffed toys. Socks come in second.
97. I have HUGE tonsils. There's nothing wrong with them. They're just huge.
98. I have tiny ears. My mom once called them "grotesquely small."
99. My birthday is 27 June.
100. I honestly did not think I would get this far! Wow!


  1. I have huge tonsils as well. O.O Never met anyone else who had that issue... they always think there's something wrong with me. :P

  2. 69. I'm short. I have not yet found any uses for this.
    I love the second sentence...I believe you are humourous and a nice friend to have around.


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