Monday, May 3, 2010

Who's that Pokemon!?

Um, the reprise? I forgot how much I loved zoom abstract, hehe.

Bask in the glory of me finishing something! I didn't eat lunch today, instead I decided to snip all of this guy's loose ends and do a photo shoot.  I told myself that I would eat at home... but all I have is celery and wasa crackers.  I'm living lean! I'm trying to save money so I can take a summer course! There's nothing wrong with eating celery and wasa crackers for one... two.. three meals a week.

I also have a pattern for him, and I aim to get it up by Friday, which will be easy now that I have my car back and can drive to McDonald's! On an unrelated note, those Frappes? Pretty good.

Back to the subject of knitting... I can't believe this took me so long. Really.  Did you know Mother's Day is Sunday? Started knitting my mom's present today, and hopefully it doesn't take me all week! I'm on a mission to use up bits of my stash that I have lying around, which is not too hard because I build my stash very meticulously.  But I feel like that could be a blog post in itself, so I won't ramble here.

Guess what it is!

(P.S. - Don't ask me about Karen's Walk, which was supposed to be Sunday, but since I can't say anything nice about it I won't say anything at all and not make myself look like a total brat.)


  1. So cool! Can't wait to see this project in its full glory.

  2. Pretty good??! Those Frappes are my new favorite.. which makes them awesome!

  3. I KNOW! I didn't want to go on and on for fear the people would think that I am sponsored by McDonald's... I'm going to get a large when I go today to check my mail :)

  4. Sooo as a former student who currently loves your blog.... where can i send my paypal donation?! I mean if you starve to death then a) you won't get to post any more cool blog entries and b) your summer class savings will be for naught...but in all seriousness -- I'd be happy to toss some cash towards your hard work for inspiring me. I have a feeling others would too.

  5. Wow, really!? I have some qualms... mostly because (1) I have plenty of money, I'm just too lazy to go to the stor, and (2) if I accepted donations, I would be a professional blogger... I don't know if I'm ready to take that step, haha, not because of the associations of blogging but because I don't feel experienced enough to be a professional *anything*

    I'm going to put stuff in my ArtFire shop sometime this month (I'll probably post here when I do) so if you really want to give me money, you can buy stuff from there. Wait, then I'll be a professional... knitter! *gack!*


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