Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Up Right Now

As of Sunday, I have a new apartment mate! Lotus came to live with me, and we are experiencing a typical roomate-falling-out.  She's nocturnal, I wake up during the day.  She likes bland food, I like onions, garlic, and pepper.  She can tolerate sitting on my lap, but god help me if I pester her when she's napping on top of her hot pad (another thing that bugs me-- she likes to be super warm, even for a hedgie, even at 82 degrees F she sits on her hot pad and snoozies!). This is evidenced by her angry face, as shown above.

We both love sitting on the couch, though.  I don't know what's up with her and my leather couch, but she likes to crawl under the fleece pillow and nap.  Which is cute :)  She's a bit camera shy, so maybe I can get some cute head shots at a later time.

Oh, yeah, I've been knitting too.  Behold, one sock of two that I'm making for my Uncle Mike, a guy who could use some more socks.

The pattern is improvised from these socks (ravelry link) I wanted to do a toe-up version that was easier to fit, so basically it's just a toe-up sock with the pattern repeat.  I think it's a really nice, mellow pattern that's easy to memorize and looks impressive without a lot of work... just my type :)

I'm also making a bit of a surprise.  This is going to be a free pattern up when I finish it, because it is... blatant copyright infringement... hehe. I think people will be excited when I post this.

Anyway... have a good week :O


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