Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Navigating a Cubicle Maze

That's what it feels like I do whenever I leave my desk when I'm at work! Really, they should have signs like shopping malls do, with bright colors to indicate what department is what.  That would be really helpful to me, "short blonde co-op who has no idea where she is going."

Anyway, I don't like to blog about work because I just KNOW that one day, I'm going to be working somewhere, and someone is going to want me to work on a super secret government project because I am FABULOUS at my respective field (you can giggle here)... then they'll do a quick google search, read this blog, and discover that I'm not trustworthy! I've leaked super secret company secrets on the internet! Oh NO!

So, I guess I'll share some general thoughts on how my co-op is going.  I've only been working for a month, but I've done a lot of stuff and I feel like I've actually accomplished things, which is good.

1.  Living alone isn't so bad, especially because I don't have to worry about anyone tripping over my things.  My apartment isn't a sty (well, maybe that back room... and under my bed...) but everything is where I know I will remember.  There are no siblings or parents moving my things around.  My keys are always hung over the door, so I never leave the house without them and lock myself out.  

2.  Being far away from my sweetie isn't so bad, because:
              a.  I can hide all my stuffed animals that he gave me under my bed.  Stuffed animals, I cannot stand you, you clutter my bed and stare at me, asking to be hugged.  But, they're gifts... I can't throw you away! Now, you all get to live in lovely harmony under my bed.  If you stare at my feet, it's okay, just no eye contact please.  Thanks.

             b.  I can make him cute things without him knowing! Who's that Pokemon!?

Urm... he's not finished of course.  Otherwise you would recognize him, dammit, I know you would!

3.  I am sensitive to the soap in the bathrooms.  I don't know why.  I spend most of my work-day on the computer, and for some reason this really makes me need to pee at least once every 2 hours.  I noticed I was getting a pretty gnarly rash, but figured it was from Lotus. Then my fingers started to swell, and it interfered with my typing (at work) and knitting (not at work.)  I now present a definition:

problem (n.): Something that interferes with knitting.

Oh, not to mention my mom has Palmar Pustular Psoriasis, which started as a similar thing.  That also worried me, so I went to see a doctor, who said "It's probably the soap" and made me extremely thankful that I had health insurance and could be charged that much money for that answer.

Since Monday of last week, I've brought my own soap to work.  Weird, I know, but it worked! No more itchy, burning rash on the back of my hands and no more puffy fingers that don't want to bend.

4. Lotus is starting to adjust.  Last night, she stretched out on the floor of her cage and let out a ferocious yawn! Did you know hedgehogs can yawn? I sure didn't. Heck, I didn't even know they liked to stretch.

I also bought her mealworms over the weekend, and she is too happy.  I wish I could adequately capture her joy on my camera after she devours one! It's impossible! 

t= 0 sec.

t= 0.1 sec

This one of her licking her lips might do it though, hehe!

Let's boost my blog readership by putting up some cute hog photos, shall we?

Okay, that one's kind of fuzzy... can't win 'em all.


  1. plusle or minun? :P

    Your hedgehog is so KYOOT!

  2. Wait... Blackbird... Plusle or Minun...!? Oh man, waaaaaaayyy off!


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