Monday, April 5, 2010

Charity Knitting

Aside from my knitting curse (being unable to make anything for myself...) I'm not usually an active charity knitter.  The knitting club I'm in, RIT Hooks and Needles (which I'm the president of- urk! People laugh when I tell them this!) does a different charity project every academic quarter, and I usually take part in that along with whatever else I happen to be working on.  But, this year, I'm working with a fraternity at school to raise money for the Karen Decker Cardiomyopathy Fund.

We're knitting the Hearts pattern from Mochimochi Land, with permission of course.  I'm doing my best to make a heart every day, and before the day of the walk, we're all going to get together and attach key rings to our little hearts, then sell them at a table.  We managed to get the yarn and key rings donated by club members and family, and the table space is donated as well! All of the proceeds will go directly to the fund, Hooks and Needles doesn't keep a cent (I know, I'm president.)

But this post isn't about tooting my horn or asking for help. (Though, if you'd like to knit a heart, feel free to e-mail me and I'll give you a contact address to mail it to!) This post is a general WTF.

I've probably knit a dozen of these little hearts with some Red Heart I had leftover from... I don't know what.  Maybe the yarn is from my early years, or maybe it was a gift from a family member, that is also not the point of this post and I don't want to go on a tangent!

The strange thing about the yarn is that whenever I sew up the hearts, it's a little different each time.  Sometimes the sizes are slightly off, sometimes the shapes are kind of wonky... and sometimes I just screw up. I don't know how I do it!
 Here's one: my second heart, it kind of looks like Mickey Mouse.  I think this mistake is cute, and maybe it'll make it to the table, maybe it'll get little whiskers embroidered on it and and up being a different keychain, haha!

Here's another: WHAT IS THIS!? How did this happen!? I don't even know. I'm ashamed, really, I am.  The only explaination I can give is this was the last of a long line of hearts that I sat and made while sitting in front of the TV. Obviously, I wasn't paying attention when I sewed it up... or stuffed it.... or both.  I'm usually pretty meticulous, and don't tolerate mistakes, but when I finished sewing this up and looked at it, it just put a smile on my face!

I think it kind of looks like a bird, what do you think?

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  1. Tehee at the last photo!
    But seriously, good for you!


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