Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A tale of a stolen hat

I don't know how keen your memory is, or if you've been following me for a while or not, but in September I realized that I needed a hat to cover my head when I didn't feel like washing my hair in the morning (I'm blonde, so my hair constantly looks greasy if I don't wash it!).  I put it up on my 2009 knits, though it was only linked to ravelry.

I wore this hat home for Thanksgiving break, where I staying with my mom.  Now, my family is odd, and has gettogethers where the women combine food, drink, and strange clothing.  After my grandmother died it was muumuus. Now, it's funny hats.  Everyone in the house MUST wear a hat and MUST pose for an endless stream of pictures together. These parties last for HOURS, and I'm sure that they would amuse me much more if I was old enough to drink.  Sadly, I'm not, so I dart away to spend time with the other, non-drinking members of my family, and we band together in someone's room as if we're rebels hiding in a bunker.

Anyway, one night, my mom found my hat and wore it to the shenanigans. Everyone was delighted and complemented her on the new hat, since, if you were at the Funny Hat Club every week, you notice that there are only so many hats that someone can own. After about two months things become normal.

One of her friends, Jo, fell in love with it. "Your daughter knit that? WOW! Can she make me one?!" I'm sure that many of you have been in a similar situation, but of course, I was hiding in a closet with my cousin at the time, playing Drawn to Life on her Nintendo DS, so how could I respond? How could my mother respond?

With "Of course she can!" ... of course.

So, the next day, mother dearest nonchalantly mentioned. "Oh, Jo wants a hat just like mine, except in an earth tone.

I of course, had several qualms.  One, I am not a hat factory. I have things that I plan on knitting and I actually, in fact, probably have quite a long waiting list of things to make for people.  Second, that's not your hat! Of course, I couldn't argue to the latter, because when I did I was met with "But I love it! It's so beautiful! Can I keep it? You can have one of mine, we'll trade!"

As for the second, well, enough pestering can bump anyone to the top of my waiting list. So, I decided that in leiu of some sort of repeat of last year, where I was speeding to finish Selbu Modern and ended up blocking it to such an ugly shape that I nearly cried, I decided to take it easy and make something in a day.

Of course, when I told her my plans, she only said "We have to match!"

 So, here I am with the first hat, with three days to make the second.  I think it will work out, though, it's not exactly backbreaking to do. I actually like this yarn, it's "Lion Brand Wool Ease," and it was on sale so I bought a bunch :)

Also, I thought I'd throw in a picture of my studio, in progress. The papers are all of my ideas, doodles, etc. As if this post wasn't long enough! Have a good week!

When I came home from work today, I thought "That's just a nice photo" :)


  1. Yes, I get a little miffed when my mother steals my hats too. Fortunately, they are quick to knit!

  2. Well, no matter how irksome the hat-theivery is, I'd take it as a compliment.
    I can never get people to ask me for knitwear :)


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