Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Day After Christmas!

As a Christmas present to the world, I took some pictures of the hedgehogs! The babies eyes opened on Monday, and today when we cleaned their cage they played in my mom's bathtub. Okay, so I videotaped them playing and Warren cleaned the cage. Details.

Baby Girl was kind of a fussguss, but Baby Boy was very curious and friendly! Both of them like to gum hands, which might be a problem when they get teeth but is just adorable now. You can tell them apart because Baby Girl is bigger, and Baby Boy has brown hands and feet. Also, Baby Girl is more of a Momma's Hog, following Lotus around and calling for her if she's alone to long. Baby Boy is more independent and mellow. Sorry the lighting is kind of crummy, I thought it was bright but you can't really see their eyes.

Also, after they went back into the cage, Baby Girl went right to sleep in their blanket, but Baby Boy tried to stay up to explore the new cage! Lotus attempted to control him, but he fought her off and ran about, being very spoiled, which is unusual for him. It's actually usually the opposite. Anyway, after Lotus got a hold of him she ran on the wheel with him in her mouth, which he took like a trooper. When she does it with his sister, Baby Girl usually screams like the world is going to end.

P.S. - All of my Christmas knitting was finished, except of course the socks for Ashley and the socks for my uncle. I'm knitting my uncle's socks two at a time though, so they should be done readily!
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