Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long Times, No See.

Sorry I haven't posted at much. Things have just been HAPPENING. My mom is going to be closing on the house soon, and we're overhauling her yard. Eventually it will be lovely, but right now it's a disaster area. I'm knitting, but I'm sort of between things.

And Monday, I start interning at Friends of Chemung River, a nonprofit that recently started in teh Elmira area. I'm really excited to help them out!

Oh, and Warren's been staying with me for a week, which is awesome. Yesterday, we went up to Tanglewood and what did we see? MONOTORPA UNIFLORA.

I love this plant. It's possibly my favorite plant of all time, and I've only seen it once, when I was small. I immediately searched books for what it was, and found an article on it in a very old book on northeastern plant life- the internet didn't really exist for me then.

Back then, it was believed that the plant was saprophytic, but now I guess it's common knowledge that they live off of fungus under trees. Fungus, fungus, fungus... the internet of trees.

Anyway, because of the moist, cool summer these babies were ALL OVER. Everywhere. I'm glad I didn't scare Warren off, because I was really freaking out.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Look at this one! Ah! I'm stepping on one! Oh no, that's a mushroom- HEY, THESE ARE PINKISH!"

Moral of the story: Take a walk, and you'll never know what you see.

Here are some other close encounters of the Natural kind:
Two young bucks :)

A Luna Moth Caterpillar- Look at the bugger!

A lovely ladybug

A Japanese beetle on some Yarrow
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