Thursday, June 18, 2009


I felt this point should be recorded. Currently, I'm on the phone with Warren, and he's talking about "How stupid it is that single serving cheese is individually wrapped. It's a waste of plastic."

He used the word secondary packaging.

I was proud.

Anyway, I haven't knit anything worthwhile. I've been trying to make something everyday, but I don't feel that it's very interesting.

Also, I'm going to New York City in a week to be with my dearest Ash. On my birthday. Everyone in my hometown is out of town on my birthday. Warren, my brother, my godmother, my hometown best friend, Christine... it's a popular vacation time I guess.

How's your summer?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A week in PA

So, the past few days I've been Wabu's house near Mt. Pisgah. I love their house for several reasons:

A. It's in the country between two parks, a state and county.
B. They recently remodeled their kitchen, and have a pantry stocked with things that have a high chance of being spoiled before they are used (which, aside from making me a little sad inside, means I have free reign as the items most likely won't be missed.)
C. Their couches are irresistably leather and comfy.
D. They have a small blue car that they don't mind us driving.
E. They sometimes give Wabu money.

So, we went to Corning to the glass museum. This October, Wabu will be 20 and unable to get in for free. Not that we couldn't lie... but, that wouldn't be honest! Anywho.

We also went ATVing on roads near the surrounding farms. We tried to get to the park, but the road was blocked by a tree! Boo.

I also made the most marvellous cupcakes in the history of history. I filled them with chocolate chips and made homemade vanilla icing. Yum!

Anyway, I'm back at home where the wireless is plentiful, and the yarn roams free.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More ends to weave...

... and I don't have a yarn needle. I really don't know where mine went, but they all disappeared when I migrated from Rochester back to Elmira.

Anyway, I really like how these socks came out! I used some Knitpicks Kettle Dyed that my dearest Ashley bought me for Christmas. I saw some bad reveiws of the yarn and got worried, but they were all wrong! This yarn worked out swimmingly, and there was no dye lot problems at all.

Also, I'm making SABLES today... Mango sables. I just tasted the dough before letting it sit in the fridge, and it's SOOOO GOOD. I love mango things. With real mangos inside? Yes.

I'm squeefully proud. I'm also working on some hats with ear flaps for the sweetie and I to wear and be TWINS IN :B (... if he'll wear his...)
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