Friday, January 30, 2009


I finished a super adorable beret for my super awesome room mate. We're plotting fingerless gloves with INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS doodle colorwork. Ooohh, I need to put a pin in that. "Doodle Colorwork." You're going to see that later.

ADD aside, this beret came out totally awesome! It was easy to knit up, and looks so pretty. It's like, lacework for dummies. If you can YO and work a magic loop, you're pretty much kosher to do this. GO FOR IT.

Anyway, the pattern is from knit therapy. Just thought you'd like to know

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Productive Start

So, I finished a little piece of a big afghan that may eventually warm someone. Potentially. It took a week to make, and is roughly 6 x 6, so, it would take about 50 weeks to make an afghan that... would be suitable for a child or wheelchair. According to certain sources. DAYAM.

So, I decided to not think about this depressing thought while making a bear for the Mother Bear project. I have to say, it's incredibly awesome; quite possibly the best bear in the history of bears. And he has no clothes. I don't know if that will keep him from the hands of young Africans or if his naturalist charms will be a selling point.
I want to finish him by the end of the week! Wah! There's so much finishing to him, too, because I want to make him just perfect.

In other news, it snowed today! In Rochester! I know... don't laugh at my naivete. Or my inability to use accents on my mac.

Loving the two hears at the bottom of the image: do you see them? :) That was after my 8 AM class, I saw that and thought that maybe today will be good. Below is a close-up of the snow molesting a certain knitter as she walked to class.

Even the Tiger was overcome! Really, I don't think these photos do justice to the fluffy snow. As I came back to my dorm, I looked down, and it looked like that fake snow made out of spun felt that my grandma used to use to put expensive replicas of a small town on during Christmas.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mittens... um, Fail?

So I fell in love with this beautiful pattern from Interweave. It came into my inbox and I was like "zomg! Mommy gloves!" I will not mention the name of the pattern, to protect the innocent... But it's in my ravelry list as frogged, soo... you wouldn't have to look far *wink wink*

Well, on Thursday I cast on for them, and started worked the cuff. It seemed a little big. As in, 8 inches in circumference. I was like "Okay, maybe it'll tighten up..." To put it in perpective, my wrist is 5 inches in circumference at the thinnest part, and 6 at the thickest. Mommy's got about an inch on me. Even with the shrinking ability of ribbing, these baby's were going to sag.

Then I thought "Maybe my guage is off- that's not new." I knit up a swatch. My guage was spot-on...I guess the pattern was just made for a chunky hand. This depresses me immensely, as it's already knit on size one's, and I'm too lazy to fuck with the swatch with size 0s and below, and I didn't feel like remaking the lovely colorwork that I fell in love with...

The lesson? If you're making a pattern, include the measurements. It would save tiny peoples like me time... say, four days? Thanks, Interweave. Way to not win.

On the plus side, I finished the Dude socks :) And, I'm using the yarn from the glove fail to make a double knit patch that may or may not be part of a quilt someday. (Look at my pretty color work! Be awed.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Eh, my new year has been full of drama so far, not that I'm complaining! I finished one project, but I can't talk about it yet, top secret.

I also had a cool new year's post with all my knitting projects from the past year, but I lack photoshop... Curses! Maybe next year...

Oh, and I re-arranged my room!

And the sweetie and I planted some narcissus bulbs. Hopefully they'll bloom for me. If they don't bloom in ten weeks (by the end of the quarter,) I can send a letter to someone in Holland and supposedly, they'll give me money. Either way, I win!
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