Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Advent Starts, I'm Seeing Stars!

Soon it'll be December first, which means that the days to knit up Christmas presents are fading fast. This year I've set a lofty goal of four presents, one of which must be finished (the others being surprises or gifts for understanding friends!).

The most important project this year is a pair of fingerless gloves for my sweetie. He's wanted these a lot, and I'm pretty proud of them! The first is almost finished, so I'm not exactly racing against the clock but if I don't finish it, I know that I'll never live it down... hehe. Everyone has someone like that they knit for I think.

My second favorite project is, of course, a sock. It's a slightly modified version of the Rapunzel Stocking from Knit 1 magazine... but this stocking is beastly. The heel is completely fucked, to put it gently. I don't wnat to complain about it now. Although the going is tough, Ashley will understand if I don't finish it- and she'll appreciate the cable-lace pattern and picot edging on the cuff :)

For my cousin, I'm making a hat like the one that I made for my mom for her birthday. My mom told me that my cousin was seriously jealous of her hat, so I decided to make it again... eeks! I hope I'll be able to finish it, but she doesn't know that I'm making it so, I shouldn't suffer if I don't meet my deadline. I really like these two colors!

My last project is a pair of socks for my uncle. They're just going to be plain, hand knit socks. I know he'll like them... he's been having a tough time for the past two years, since my grandmother and uncle died.

So there you go, my crazy December. I also would really like to make my mom a new hat, the one that's in the Alice and Wonderland spread in the current Vogue Knitting. I LOVE all of those patterns to death!

Glad you appreciate the updates. Here's some doodles from the meeting I had earlier today.

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  1. Your doodles made me smile.
    Good luck finishing the presents, they will be much-appreciated.


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