Sunday, September 13, 2009


For my birthday, my bff Ashley gave me a copy of "Amigurumi Knits" by Hansi Singh. Let me say, that's an awesome book. My first project from it is... the common octopus! I made it for the secretary of Hooks and Needles, whose birthday was yesterday :)

While making this cute little guy, I realized how much I missed knitting (having knit barely anything over the summer...) and how much I missed making dolls. They're so quick to make... so easy... so admired by other people. I guess the reason I originally fell away from knitting amigurumi was because I ran out of ideas... which is a pretty pitiful excuse, if you ask me.

Also, in making this dear, sweet cephalopod, I've realized a technique that I've been totally underutilizing in making my own amigurumi- short rows. I've got to get on these, internet!

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  1. I love your octopus!! I've seen it before but I can't yet knit w/ dpns so I haven't bitten the bullet and tried it. Kudos to you! Amigurumi is so fun!


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