Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I feel pretty sick and depressed today. It's strange going from a noisy dorm to the sleepy-quiet house.

Anyway, the humidifier and tea are helping a bit, along with freezy-pops. I missed freezy-pops!

I'm also watching reruns of America's Most Wanted. I didn't even know that had that. It's actually pretty surreal, but I like it more than the normal AMW. Normally, America's Most Wanted makes me a little scared, I've been creeped out by it since I was a child. But this show always has a "happy ending." Well, a happy ending karmically.

TV: Update! Since the original airing of this show, the rapist was sent to prison where he was gang raped and is now serving life... in prison, as well as in the bed of a man named Bubba.
Me: :) I love happy endings!

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  1. LOL thanks for the post. The ending struck me funny and made me laugh.
    I hope you are not feeling as down anymore.


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