Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Productive Start

So, I finished a little piece of a big afghan that may eventually warm someone. Potentially. It took a week to make, and is roughly 6 x 6, so, it would take about 50 weeks to make an afghan that... would be suitable for a child or wheelchair. According to certain sources. DAYAM.

So, I decided to not think about this depressing thought while making a bear for the Mother Bear project. I have to say, it's incredibly awesome; quite possibly the best bear in the history of bears. And he has no clothes. I don't know if that will keep him from the hands of young Africans or if his naturalist charms will be a selling point.
I want to finish him by the end of the week! Wah! There's so much finishing to him, too, because I want to make him just perfect.

In other news, it snowed today! In Rochester! I know... don't laugh at my naivete. Or my inability to use accents on my mac.

Loving the two hears at the bottom of the image: do you see them? :) That was after my 8 AM class, I saw that and thought that maybe today will be good. Below is a close-up of the snow molesting a certain knitter as she walked to class.

Even the Tiger was overcome! Really, I don't think these photos do justice to the fluffy snow. As I came back to my dorm, I looked down, and it looked like that fake snow made out of spun felt that my grandma used to use to put expensive replicas of a small town on during Christmas.

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  1. to do the accent on naïvete on a mac (i have a mac) is option u. press option then press u holding down the option key. you can also do

    on macs too. im smart like that ; )


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