Monday, October 27, 2008

It's like you're telling me I can't BREATHE.

So, this past week has been incredibly frustrating for me. My right wrist has been pretty much immobile, I've been forced to eat tons of food while taking about 1800 mg of ibuprofen a day, and on top of that, I can't knit, write, draw, or even really carry things. These experiences have helped me learn a lot about myself, including:
  • I am a tactile learner; I learn best when I take notes and outline readings.
  • I can only eat so much food in a day before I feel miserable.
  • I knit when I'm stressed out.
So, what do these things tell you? I'm sick to my stomach, my grades are dropping, and I'm really irritable... at anything,

I feel like a huge chunk of my life has been taken away. I can't knit; I can't draw out ideas for knit things; I can't write a depressing poem about how I feel; heck, it hurts to write up homework assignments. Knitting is just the tip of the iceberg: basic functions like brushing my hair or eating something that requires a knife and fork are painful to do, and I don't really want to stoop to the level of forcing people around me to help me take care of myself. It's not like I'm dying of cancer...

Moral of story: pity me. And, if you don't see a really happy post sometime next month with the subject matter along the lines of "Yay, look, I'm knitting!" Assume that I've committed suicide from being utterly and totally useless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TaDaaa.... and, crappy turns of events.

So, I finished the hat! late last night, I wove in the ends and forced the boyfriend to wear it around to that it would block to his head. I've yet to snap a good picture of him, but here's evidence of how much bigger his head is than mine!

A little pity party note... Sadly, I would've published this post sooner... but I was at the Student Health Center all day. It turns out my right wrist is badly sprained (okay, it's not like surgery bad, but it's grade II.) How it happened, I have no idea. I'm hoping knitting more won't harm this, but you never know :D I've got a nice Ace bandage around it, and I'm trying to find a ride to somewhere I can buy a proper brace... that's proving to be a little tough. I have such bad luck!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spur O' the Moment Knitting

All right! So, I usually spend quite some time thinking out projects. There's usually I doodle I have in my head for a few months. Then, I spend about a week or so shopping around for yarn that will work. After that, swatching, and casting on, and tearing off the cast on because I don't like how it looks, and on and on.

If I had to label myself, I'd say I was a perfectionist knitter. Slow, steady, and meticulous. The past twenty-four hours, however, have seen a drastic change in this routine.

I'm making a hat. From a pattern. Online. Guess when I bought the yarn? Yesterday at around 1. Guess when I cast on for the project? Yesterday at around 6. (I probably would've cast on earlier, but I was at the Strong Museum of Play... don't snicker. I'm a big person! ) Oh which leads me to... PHOTO PLUG!!!1:

Anyway, back on topic. Guess how far I am on the hat? About 2/3! What's come over me? Maybe it's the fact that I'm not really challenging myself with this pattern. The needles are big and the yarn is bulky.

It just feel so strange... I'm so used to size 1's and 2's, this size 8 hat seems like it's knitting itself!

Hopefully it'll be done by Tuesday :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy College Crazy

So, between classes going at 200 mph, drama out the llama, and a sea of sunken expectations, I have not been blogging ever so much lately. Hopefully that will change, when the industry picks up a little (I haven't found very many good patterns lately...)

Anyway, I've been knittin' up a storm, and I've got some awesome projects underway. I'm still waiting for 11/11, when I can order more sock for my Dude pattern but I've also got several other patts in the works, most of them socks. The one I'm working on now is AMAZING; I love it so much. I've also got a Hat from a magazine for a certain someone, that I wanted finished like 3 WEEKS ago, but alas that never happened... for depressing reasons, it was separated from me. Hopefully we'll be reunited this weekend, though.

My sweater is coming along at a decent pace... but I hate it. Really. I'm past the honeymoon period, and into that awkward year before an inevitable divorce where we sleep in separate rooms. I FORCE myself to work on this sweater, only because I don't want to work on it anymore, I just want to be done. It's bulky, and I want it off the needles. I'm not even sure if I'll actually end up wearing it at this rate... I might jsut give it away. BLEH!

Plus, I've started to think that the bobbles look like genitalia... *twitch* Maybe I just have a dirty mind...

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