Saturday, July 19, 2008


So, I know I've been fairly negligent with this blog, but I figured I'd celebrate my return from Europe with a contest. The winner will get a nice package of goodies that are set for debut in my etsy shop in late August. I won't tell anyone if you won't.

The rules are simple. Below are several photos from my vacation, featuring my feet. Simply post a comment with your guess as to where my feet are on the journey.

To make it easy, here's my itinerary (Keep in mind that I got this idea during the trip, so a concentration of photos are in one country.)

Day 1: Fly into Athens.
Day 2: The Acropolis and Ancient Athenian Forum
Day 3: The Forum at Corinth and Mycenea
Day 4: The Temple of Posiedon and the Agean Beach
Day 5: The Temple of Demeter, Fly into Rome
Day 6: The Roman Forum, Coliseum, Pantheon
Day 7: The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps

To make it even easier, you can have more than one set of guesses. The first person to guess correctly where every photo was taken wins!

Good luck!

The Photos:








  1. Woohoo! First guesser! :) Well, picture 4 is definitely the Ageab Beach. :)

    Photo 1 is at the Baraccia Fountain at the Spanish Steps. :D

    Photo 2 is flying into Rome. :)

    Photo 3 is St. Peter's Square. :D

    Photo 5 is at the Pantheon. :)

    Photo 6 is FREAKING HARD! So... I'll randomly guess.... The Roman Forum?

    LOL, btw, are you going to tell us which ones we get wrong? :D

  2. Yes, I will tell you :P The only correct answer you have is photo 5, that is at the center of the pantheon!

    As for the others... you forgot Greece D: XD

  3. LOL, wow, I suck! :D

  4. It's okay, you tried! :> You can guess again, if you want.


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