Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Summer Victories!

I've been sitting around for the whole day, in my pyjamas. It's relaxing, but a little depressing. I realize that this might be the last time I can slack off and just be lazy. This may be the last backache I have from slouching in front of the couch. This might be the last time I look up at the TV and say "Gr. . . I just saw this documentary on Card Counters three hours ago. . ." Soon, I won't have enough room in my dorm room to fit a couch, and thus, will not be able to veg out in such a way.

But, I did manage to finish this little guy! Isn't he cute? Does he look familiar? He's my spin-off of the Ziggy Pattern that I posted earlier. For those of you who can't seem to keep up, it's from Clare Taylor's blog, Quilty's Corner.

Chuu! I'm so proud of the embroidery. See the back? It looks like a face, doesn't it?! I didn't mean that, swear. . . I realized it as I was taking that picture.

By the way, I plan on sending this guy off in a swap to you know who you are! If you are that person, pretend you didn't see this, okay!? Okay. Thank goodness that's out of the way.

I've also had another small victory in the realm of lady-ness. On top of the knitting project. . . the Sunflower Seeds I planted by the front stoop have sprouted! They look so nice. . . I danced like the girls from Totoro when I came home and saw these little guys. I've never had anything near a green thumb, I guess my mom took up all that genetic talent. I hope these flowers frow as much as I want them to! Maybe if this works out, next summer I can have some sort of a garden.

Speaking of Totoro. . . hmm, I think I have a nice idea for another Ziggy pattern attempt :3

Stay cool, Internet Land!


  1. Hey, your version of Ziggy is fabulous, really like the embroidery. Is it ok if I copy a picture to put on my blog? and link back to you? Good luck on version 3, I'm having a go at making a smaller one, then they can all sit in a row like ussian Dolls.
    X Clare

  2. Sure! Feel free! The photos are flickr, so you can link right to them. When version three comes out, I'm going to try and do a Totoro themed set :)


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