Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby's First Art Installation

Okay, so once again, nothing to do with knit amigurumi, everything to do with me! I had my first art show last Thursday! Super exciting, right? I know, you're all on baited breath. Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures! Huzzah!
The display was a freestanding board that people could walk on either side of. Most of my works were photos, which I'm really proud of. They were in the paper, too! (Local section um, of course. . . )
Any first place too! Hooray!
Oh, did I mention my display was interactive!? Well, it was. There was writing on it encouraging people to write whatever they wanted. I was hoping for drawings, quotes, you know, artsy things. I got some really cool stuff, but most of them were really nice notes about the display and about me! It was really cool!
I caught these girls signing their names on the board, along with some flowers and a snail. Another little boy wrote the alphabet. Adults sort of thought my installation was wacky, and teens put a lot of words (which I still liked, but I liked what the little kids put the best!)

The only thing that I didn't really finish was this chair for art class. It's based on "Riding Couple," a barely known painting by the well known Kandinsky. (I really love Kandinsky. If I could collect every work from any artist and put it in one gallery, it'd be Kandinsky. That's a good question. Feel free to discuss.)

Anyway, I promise something more interesting will come later, okay?


  1. wow! Great pictures! I also enjoy art, and would love to see some of your photography posted here!

  2. Thanks very much! I take a lot of pictures, I'll try to add some more to my posts.


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