Friday, January 18, 2008

We Love Katamari!

So, here we go! It's the latest doll! I love the video game "Katamari Damacy," and I know that there's a pattern on etsy for a Crochet Prince Amigurumi - which is pretty durn cool. But you know me, I can't crochet to save the queen, and upon searching the net I found no other patterns! What to do!? Make my own, of course.

Notes: I do not claim to own any part of any idea of anything associated with Katamari Damacy. Cross my heart, hope to cry. That's why this is a free pattern, not for sale (I don't want to make money off someone else's idea. . .) Also, I'm not a pro pattern-writer, so if you have any problems, drop me a line and I'll fix it, or at least do my best!

So, without further ado, here is the pattern: Katamari Ichigo!

(Note that I used mostly leftovers. You won't really need a whole skein of each color)
MC: (Red) Carron "Simply Soft."
CC: (Green) Carron "Simply Soft."
FC: (Natural, for face) Paton's Wool.
FC2: (Pink) Red Heart Ltd. Light n' Lofty.
SC: (White, the spots) Red Heart Super Saver
Needles: 1 set of 5, size 3 double pointed needles.
Safety Pins
Yarn Needle
Sewing Needle and Thread
Felt Squares
(for face and antenna)

-With CC, CO 1. K1, P1, K1 (into the same stitch.)
-K1, Kfb all stitches. You have six stitches.
-Kfb all stitches. You have 12 stitches. Divide between the needles, and join the round.
-Kfb, K1 around. You have 18 stitches.
-Kfb, K1 around. You have 27 stitches.
-Kfb, K2 around. At this point you should have 36 stitches.
-K 1 round, then P 1 round.
K3 rounds.
Switch to MC, K 10 rounds.

-K4 in MC. Pick up FC2, and, LEAVING A LONG TAIL (about 10 inches), K10 FC2, anchoring the MC yarn as you go by twisting it around the working yarn. Finish the round in MC.
-*K4 in MC. K1 from the FC2 TAIL. K8 in MC, K1 from FC2 (working). Finish the round in red.
- Work * row ten times. This will form the square around the face.
-Finishing Face Border: K4 Red, K10 from tail, anchoring red with each st.
-K 10 rnds MC.
-Switch to CC, K4 rnds.
-P1 rnd.
Head Decrease:
-K2tog, K2 all [27 stitches]
-K2tog, K1 all [18 stitches]
Stuff the head: With polyfill, candy, rice, beans, whatever you feel like.
-Kfb all
Cut a long tail and weave this through all the stitches. Pull tight. You've finished the head!
CO 7 FC on one dpn.
Work flat in 22 rows stst.
Bind off on wrong side.
To attach: Sew onto head inside the box. Or, alternately, just make a face out of felt.

ARMS: (make two)
Using a Figure 8 Cast on, CO 4 MC
K1 rnd
-Kfb, K2, Kfb
-Kfb, K1 around [9 stitches]
-K2tog, K1 around [6 stitches]
-K, (At this pont I like to leave the stitches on just two needles. It's up to you.)
-K2tog, K1 around [You have 4 stitches]
K until work measures about 3 inches.
Slip active stitches onto a cable needle, safety pin, or alternative way of holding them.

LEGS: (make two)
Using a Figure 8 Cast on , CO 10 CC
K1 round. Divide onto two needles. (This needle division is mandatory.)
-*K2tog, K to end of first needles. Knit to last two stitches of second needle, SSK.
Repeat these two rounds (from * to *) until only 6 stitches remain.
-K until work measures 2 inches. Slip onto a safety pin/cable needle/pencil/stichholder of prefrence.

Using a Figure 8 CO, CO 20 CC
-K1 rnd
-*K1, Kfb, K6, Kfb, K1* Repeat around.
-*K1, Kfb, K8, Kfb, K1.* Repeat around.

Joining Legs:
*-K17, {*slip stitch from one leg onto needle, K that stitch together with the next (non-leg) stitch.* Repeat from * to * with another stitch from the same leg.} K3. Repeat bracketed text with 2 stitches from the remaining leg.
-K1, Kfb, K10, Kfb, K1. K3. *Slip a stitch from leg 1 onto needle and knit. K1. Slip another stitch from leg 1 onto needle and knit.* K3. Repeat from * to *. K3.
- Repeat *- row. (It's two rounds back.)
-K2 rnds.

-Switch to MC, K4 rnds. Divide stitches between two needles.
-*K1, K2tog. K to end of first needle. Repeat for second needle.
-K to last three stitches of first needle, SSK, K1. Repeat for second needle.*
-Repeat these two rows (from * to *) Until only 16 stitches remain.

Joining Arms:
-Slide the stitches for arms onto needles. Arm 1 will have two stitches on the needle closest to you and two stitches on the needle away from you. Arm 2 will be on the other side, two stitches on the needle closest to you and two stitches on the needle away from you.
-K 1 rnd.
-K1, K2 tog, K5, K2tog, K1. Repeat.
-K1, K2tog, K to the last three stitches on first needle, K2tog, K1. Repeat for second needle.
-Bind off!

And viola. Tu es fini. Stuff and sew, and embroider as you wish.

I'm excited to see if anyone can make all the cousins :3 If these instructions confuse you, drop me a line.
Feel free to distribute but make sure you attribute. And then tell me.


  1. So. Cool. We just got this game for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas, because what could be easier for a little blonde princess to do on the Playstation than to roll things into balls? LOL We found it was harder than it looked and VERY addictive. I will have to make this for me... HER! :D Thank you for the very very neatly written pattern!

  2. I love this little guy! Thank you for posting this! my boyfriend is a huge Katamari fan and valentine's day and his birthday fall around the same time.
    I hope you don't mind me stealing your pattern and converting him to the prince.
    Thank you so much for posting!

  3. Wow I love the whole game series, and I love to knit! I definitely am going to make this.

  4. The pattern worked great! Memo to self - next time don't fill the head with such heavy stuff, as it is a bit top-heavy. I can't wait to make more!

  5. He is soooo cute!!! i am just in the middle of making this cute little guy and have come across a problem with the legs, i have made a few attempts, following your instructions and don't understand the point where the legs get attatched to the beginning of the body as the legs end up inside the body, instead of out!!!! Please help. From Betty

  6. Hi Betty! I couldn't reply to you via e-mail because you do not have an e-mail address public to your blogger account, so I hope that you get this message! When you add the legs, make sure that they're facing outside of the body when you knit the stitches from your stitch holder. If you're still having problems, you can always sew the legs on at the end, too!


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