Sunday, February 2, 2014

If Only the Force was With Me...

Does this look like a Princess Leia inspired hat? I'm not really that happy with it... but, whatever, the Dalek came out great!

That makes two pretty big flubs for me this week, the second one being a sweater disaster that I still need to blog about.  I'm starting to feel like most of my blog posts are about problems I'm having! I REALLY am good at knitting... I swear! 

I think my main problems were: 
1.) I made it up as I went along instead of just using one of the many patterns on the internet.
2.) When I sewed the little buns on, I didn't have an orange or grapefruit to use as a gauge of a baby head, so I have no way to tell if they are wonky or not. I just have the sneaking suspicion that they are!


  1. I think the hat is cute :) x

  2. My great knit friend Karen says: Good knitters Rip and they rip a lot!DOn't feel bad


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