Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lilac Moves



I'm home for the summer, hanging about in my home town.  My mom's garden is in full bloom...

And look who has a new home!


My mom cleared up this space in the backyard, and her boyfriend built Lilac this outdoor pen.  Of course, I'm worried.  Will it be too hot? Well, despite the heat, it's cooler out there than in the house (which is like an oven).  Will she be lonely? What about bugs?


I also planted some seeds for her - arugala, cilantro, parsely, lavendar (okay, that one was more for me).  She also has a whole bed of mixed lettuce, too!



She snubbed me all yesterday evening, going into her little hut whenever I came by to offer her salad or clover or toys.  But this morning, I was putting laundry out and I saw her through the screen door, tossing her wicker ball up and down and generally being happy.  When I came out to give her some salad and a frozen banana, she hopped into the corner and glared at me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer DAL Mood Board Submissions

Whoa, the past three months have been a blur! It's time for the next round of Design Along, a challenge which asks knit and crochet artists to make up a pattern from theme to finished product.  This round's theme is Mythology, and I have no clue what I'm going to (attempt to) make.  I have some pictures for the board, though.

I picked all my favorite myths :) I will admire someone who can recognize all of them!

Don't go to the forum and cheat before you guess - well, you should click here go to the thread and vote for your favorite submissions, because that makes making the mood board way easier.

You can also submit your own images if you feel inclined - the group is a lot of fun, though most of us haven't been able to make the deadline :X

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another WIP Update

Here's some more catching up to date with the projects that I have lying around. 

First off, there's this little monster.  I want to finish him fast, because he looks so lifeless and dead without stuffing or an armature. 


He's a gift for my best friend back home, Steph, who likes chameleons.  The pattern is Chameleon by Hansi Singh.  I really love it, but there are some errata which really frustrates me - I don't like finding errata in patterns, especially when I paid for them.  But thankfully all the fixes were on ravelry, so after I ran into my first snag I looked up any other errata and wrote it down in my moleskin. 


Anyway, it's coming along well but I want to finish it before I move home and see her again - so, by the middle of next week.  (My conscience is saying "good luck" here, but I believe in myself!)

There's also this kind of crazy thing:


I haven't been able to give it a good name yet, since most of the things I think of when I look at it could be mistaken for euphamisms.

The nickname "The Red Terror" was met with snickers and/or disgusted looks
It started out earlier this quarter when I saw that a sweater kit on knitpicks was on sale for $20.  The pattern was called Cozy Cocoon - which is about $5 in itself, so... I got a sweater's worth of yarn for $15.  This alone was incentive enough for me to buy it, since I've been telling myself I'm going to knit a sweater for years, and buying yarn for sweaters for years, now I finally get a pattern, with yarn, delivered to my door for about $25 when you factor in shipping?  That's too good!

It probably didn't help that everyone in Hooks and Needles has knit or is working on a sweater - Kay, Ash, Rebecca, Alysia... I just wanted to belong! So, I happily cast on, and kept knitting... and knitting... and knitting...


I'm not even halfway done. I just hope I don't get bored, or don't like it in the end.  I guess if I don't like it, I'll just give it to my mom.

So, that makes 3 out of 4 projects that I have to show for myself! The 4th one deserves a post all in itself, so I'll save that for another time I think.  I don't like having so many WIPs at once - I feel like nothing is getting done!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lilac Festival!

This year's Lilac festival was kind of a drag, since we didn't have our traditional triple date (Only one of our three musketeers isn't single) and the mild winter and crazy Rochester weather have pretty much killed all the lilacs.  But there were still a few flowers!

This stuff...

And paw paw... (which I think is a flower.  I like it, anyway)

And, of course, the lilacs in the conservatory were in full bloom. The statue that I took a picture of two years ago year is pretty much hidden, too, poor thing.

Anyway, despite the lack of flowers, I still had a good time! I'm thinking of going again today (I wanted to go every day this week, but I don't have a car anymore...) so if I do I'll post up more pictures tomorrow.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

WIP Update - Winter Socks

Do you guys remember this sock?


Then I broke up with W, stopped knitting (stopped doing anything actually) and picked up the project again over winter, put it down when I started knitting bricks like crazy, picked it up again... the typical WIP dance.


I actually got pretty far on the sock, past the heel turn, until I saw this:


No, it's not a mistake.  I just like the way that this yarn looks in stockinette so much! I thought about it, and I decided to start over and just do two plain two-up stress socks.


I haven't looked back. I might make the long john socks again in a solid color, but for now? These are going to be my sock projects! I'm already done with the first sock, and I really like the way that it looks.

Viva finishing ancient WIPs! Or, at least, making progress? I hope to have this pair for when I move back home for summer "vacation."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagine RIT!

I'm so pumped to finally be able to share this project! Last Saturday, Hooks and Needles exhibited at Imagine RIT, a yearly festival hosted on campus.  Over 32,000 people showed up, and tons of them passed by us.

Our exhibit was three parts.  The first was Samson, who hung out all day and got to represent angora rabbits everywhere.


There was also spinning with drop spindles and Ash's wheel (which she isn't an expert at yet, so we made Nathaniel do it.)


The second was finger knitting lessons, which we gave to people of all ages.  I taught kids as young as two or three (who loved it but didn't quite get what was going on) and a couple of ladies that were in their seventies.  The whole club pitched in!


And the third and most impressive portion was this:


A wall of knit bricks. 


We knit and crocheted over 1,000 bricks to put up as part of the exhibit, which was the vision of the club's secretary and president-elect, Alysia.  This has been a process that started in September and has taken us through months and months.  There were several cases of carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and a few tears.


The day of the exhibit, we were there at 6AM setting up.  We were working almost to the finish line - that's four hours of cutting duct tape, folding it, and pressing bricks against the wall


The end result was nothing short of awesome.  I think people were totally impressed, and we did a ton of good work spreading awareness for the club and teaching people about fiber arts.  


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