Friday, October 12, 2012

Treat Yourself

Yesterday, amid a ridiculously stressful situation my Dad told me that I needed to "take a few deep breaths and treat yourself."

Well, today I stopped at the organic market down the street from my school and bought this stuff:


It seriously WAS a treat.  If you've never had fromage blanc, I highly recommend it.  I tried it at a farmer's market about a month ago and all I knew it as was "sweet goat cheese that you eat with dessert." It's so delicious!

Then, I started thinking about all the other treats that I give myself.  It seems like everyday I do a little thing to "treat" myself - not something big or expensive, but just something that I'd like to do.

1.) When I bought groceries last week, I bought a bouquet of flowers for $6.  Yep, those flowers are a week old! I have a ton of special tricks to stretch cut flowers :P


2.) A bit of expensive chocolate that has witty writing on the label... Isn't it true though!?


3.) I also like to describe the sunrise to myself as I walk to work.  When I travel to work I leave the house before sunrise, and watch the sunrise as I drive east to work.  My favorite was Tuesday, where the dark clouds slowly moved north, revealing the orange and red sky.  It was like watching the curtains get pulled aside at the start of a ballet.

4.) Reading blogs on my phone in the in-between times during my day.  Walking to class, in the elevator, whatever.  By the way... blogs that only display previews in their RSS feeds are obnoxious.  Why do people do that? It means that I essentially can't read your blog.  I was good enough friends with someone or liked the blog enough I would click through, right? Apparently not. I just skip right over it and never read it.

5.) Of course, there's also knitting time. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't knit and watch my favorite TV shows.

What do you do to treat yourself, Internet? I want ideas!


  1. I treat myself to a pedicure once in awhile, a manicure a little less often.

    I treat myself to Starbuck's Lime Cooler Refresher when I can "afford" the calories.

    But, my big splurge is Chanel perfume. I love the Chance Green. :-)

  2. I hope my blog doesnt do that to yoU!!!

    I think it is great to treat yourself.
    I would add;
    Manicure or pedicure
    new pens
    going to my favorite bakery and getting some premade cookie dough!


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