Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Checking in from New England

Wow, Maine is absolutely amazing! I'm staying on a small island off Portland with my boyfriend's grandmother.  I seriously want to live in Portland some day, and the view from the island is beautiful.


And, the house I'm staying at is also beautiful.  The bathroom that I use at night should be on Pinterest.


I've done some knitting, mostly on the ride up - which was hot and muggy (the car had no AC) and I'm almost done with the leg of my dragonfly socks... but I hit another snag.


The yarn turned my sweaty fingers slightly green!


Okay, looking at the picture, it's really hard to see.  Maybe the heat and sun caused me to hallucinate.

Anyway, the internet in the hotel we're staying at now is really crummy, I'll post a big picdump later this week!


  1. That bathroom is so cute. I want to visit that area someday. Hows the coffee?? As good as at home? I know it isn't Seattle, but Im imagining it is good coffee land

  2. Yaa, I would just stay in the bathroom, sooo charming!
    I knit in the no-AC car this last weekend too (at about 90 degrees and 75% humidity), not quite as enjoyable as it would've been with the AC, but what can ya do?!
    what yarn are you using for the socks?

  3. Oh no --- green fingers???? LOL You know it's summer when the dye rubs off.

    That bathroom is awesome. I might now EVER get out of that tub! LOL

    Have fun on your vacation!


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