Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Notice Anything?


I finally finished the gigantic swatch of stockinette stitch that is the cozy cocoon shrug.  Now, I've picked up the 288 stitches of the edging and am working them in K1P1 rib for 4(ish?) inches.


I actually really like this project.  It's strange, because even a year ago I would have looked at this project and scoffed.  "Too much boring stockinette.  And then, you get to do ribbing? For FOUR INCHES? Ugh."

But between working, fixing up my Dad's house, doing research for my graduate project, and fluttering from place to place as only someone that doesn't have an apartment can... I actually welcomed the endless stockinette stitch.  I worked on it while reading Game of Thrones and watching Battlestar with my new boyfriend and listening to an endless list of webinars and reading the thousands of pages of reports on electric power delivery.  Which is the topic of my grad project.

So, I think I'm going to finish my first sweater in four years before the end of summer! And I'm actually excited :)


  1. A new boyfriend who loves BSG!? He's a keeper!

    And the sweater is looking lovely, too!

  2. Sometimes SIMPLE is best. The sweater is a beautiful color!

  3. Oh cool! What's the new boyfriend like?

  4. Different times, different knits..that's what it is all about !
    love the color


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