Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lotus's Bad Week


It's been a while since I posted up photos of Lotus!  She had a pretty crummy week last week.  After her bath on Wednesday, she got a nail tangled in the towel that I was drying her with - it was caught like a hook, and there was no way to get it out without clipping it.  It was like torture to her.  Then on Friday night in the wee hours she bumped her face on her wheel and got a nasty bruise, and refused to do anything all weekend.  Finally she came out Sunday night and I played with her on the bed, and she fell into a corner and was so embarrassed she wouldn't let me hold her for a good hour.  She's finally eating a lot and running on her wheel again, so I'm not worried.  I just hope that she doesn't end up like the wheel horror stories I've heard...

Anyway,  we like to sit and read together (well, I read, she naps) and then usually W comes up and we go to sleep. And by we I mean W and I.  Lotus doesn't sleep at night - she's too busy guzzling down water, knocking down her food bowl, and running around on her wheel.  It's actually hard for me to sleep when she's not running - then I know she's upset or something is wrong.  (That's how I knew that she had hit herself.)

When I was putting her back W got out his iPhone and took some photos.  She's afraid of bright lights and sudden noises, so the DSL camera doesn't turn out so well.  As I held her she started licking my hands and foaming.




In the bottom picture it looks like she's biting me, but that's just the face that she makes when she foams.  She's learned that when she bites me I yelp, and that's not a fun experience.  She still bites W occasionally while foaming, but not mean, leave-me-alone bites.  More like tastes :)


And yes, I have huge boobs.  Sorry they just happen to be in every one! XD Blame W for that!


  1. Wow, that's a rough week for anyone! Hope she's doing better now. And that's a cute name for her.

  2. Aww Lotus. I missed seeing her adorable little face. Sorry to hear she didn't have such a nice week, but I'm glad to hear she's doing better!

  3. Why does she foam? I thought that foamy animals tends to be a bad thing?

  4. What IS Lotus? She is awfully cute.

    Hope she has a better week.

  5. She's so sweet! I hope this week is better for her.

  6. I honestly did not notice your boobs until you pointed them out! Then I had to go back and look. Wow, you can totally tell that a guy took the pictures!


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