Monday, September 19, 2011

My Random Monday - 9/19

1. Arrrr! Today be me favorite holiday, it is! Talk like a Pirate Day! Be sure ye celebrate by riling up yer wenches and heading to the saloon for rum, arrrrr!! Or, if ye work in an office place, give yer interns donuts. Or chocolate dubloons.  Us interns love chocolate.

2.  Also, there be this survey through Technorati called "State o' the Blogosphere" spreading around like scurvey on rough seas! If'n ye have minutes to waste while ye should be swabbing the deck, take the survey, Arrr!

3. Ye knowst by now that I am a green lass, caring about the trees and what, and this video on the tube of you has scared me, mateys, scared me from eating those tasty french fries:

4.  Arrrr... the sea, she calls me, but the homework, she screams at me.  It's like seeing the most beautiful wench when you've already paid for an ugly one.  Or something. Arrrr.


  1. Pirate speak through the whole post! Good job!

  2. Ha ha, I hope Talk Like a Pirate Day was everything you hoped for! I mean, Arrrrrrgggg.


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