Monday, August 22, 2011

My Random Monday - August 22nd


1.  My short skews are not going well.  I'm using the SKF technique - SWAG, Knit, Frog.  I know how to do it... generally. I'm just being a little discouraged by all this frogging! I think tonight I'm going to sit down and actually THINK about what I'm going to do instead of knitting and guessing.


2.  Lilac has been having lots of outside time.  She loves it!


3.  When Lilac is outside, I sit out on the porch, and I've been keeping my crafts in bowls and plates.  It's so soothing to sew the little petals onto my knit hedgehogs...


4.  I'm going back to school, but I'm not so sure what I'm going to do.  My plans for school were kind of ruined when my internship unexpectedly ended, but I'm trying to make the best of things, even though I'm not sure where I'm going to be living at school I bought some supplies today anyway :)

5.  Oh, I was published!


I designed this knit jellyfish last summer and submitted it to the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar.  Well, the 2012 Calendar came out, and I'm innit! They even sent me a complimentary copy! SQUEE!



  1. Congrats on the publish. I'm in the same calendar. I forgot what date mine is's the Isabella Hat. :)

  2. Oh my gosh --- you is FAMOUS!!!! :-) Congrats on being published. That's phenomenal and a cute pattern to boot!

    Lilac looks very happy in her enclosure. Our guinea pigs always liked being out in the grass.

  3. 1. You'll figure it out. I believe in you!
    2. Aww, Lilac. :) My bunnies are terrified of Outside. I'm glad she likes it.
    3. Cute!
    4. Things tend to work out when you think they will. Good luck!
    And congrats on the pattern!

  4. WOW Congratulations for being published. That must feel fantastic. Will put it on my christmas list.

  5. Lilac looks like she's being a good watch bunny. Congrats on getting published, very cool!!

  6. Hey, you're published! Congratulations. :)

    And good luck with your school plans, whatever they turn out to be.

  7. Well done! That jelly fish is adorable <3

  8. Congrats on being published Alyssa!! =D That is so awesome :3 I hope nothing but the best regarding school. -hug-
    And aww, Lilac. She's such a darling, I want to hug her.

  9. I knew you WHEN! COngratulations. Hee hee on th eshcool supplies

    I just may have to do the same....and there aint no school on my horizon!
    I just love new supplies


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