Friday, May 21, 2010

Golden Wonder

So, I was digging through my stash and I found a skein of Lion Brand Classic in yellow! Frablous day! That means, of course, that Little Me got some nice yellow hair! Also, combined with my white CSS, this yellow can make....

Hehe, it's another Pokemon (Jirachi) and Kuro-chan from Card Captor Sakkura.

Anyway, here's Little Me's progress.  I nixed the glasses, because I thought that my embroidery was wonky, and I'm much happier with her face now.  I still need to make clothes for her - I've done one rain boot, but sewing felt does NOT interest me in the slightest, so, that part was pretty hard.  I'm loathing the rest of her clothes. I wish I could just send her naked, maybe with some ivy leaves to cover her up, but I already did pants! Win some, loose some.

I really wanted to make a little Lotus to go with Little Me to London, you know, so she won't be lonely in the package.  My result was pretty irksome.  I showed it to the original, and was met with scorn.

First step: cautiously sniff.

Second step: Give the "WTF" look.

Third step: Be interested in something else, over there, yes, that... thing...

But I know that this is what happens whenever I show anything to Lotus, so I'm not too hurt.  She did the same thing with her green jingly cat ball, and every night I hear it jingling as she plays with it.  But if humans are watching, she hates it.  It's one of the mysteries of hedgie ownership, I guess.

Anyway, hopefully the next time you see that monstrosity I will have followed the advice of dear W, master of construction, and it will look more like a hedgehog than something Jim Henson has nightmares about.


  1. Hey! That'sgoing pretty well! I like the way you did the hairon your minime. I've knittedmyhead and body, and am currently figuring out my limbs.

    Also, I adore your dinosaurs. And,since I've found my spark for doll making, I might try my hand at something squishy and prehistoric, as well.

  2. Yay! I'm so pleased you're loving making your tiny stitched self.

    I can't wait to meet her and Mini Lotus. :)

    I shall link to you on our Stitched Self blog post.

    Deadly Knitshade xx


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