Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lovely but PITA Socks

Here they are! I finished these socks a while ago, before I moved, but I wanted to wait until I actually had pictures before I posted them. My sweetie took them and e-mailed them to me! Aren't they good? Isn't his camera nice? I like them.

Anyway, this pattern is Rapunzel Socks from Knit.1, and I fell in love with them... but there's something wrong with the heel. I knit the heel of the first sock up, got to the end, and was like "ERM... what is this?"

So I looked for errata. There were, on the internet, go figure. Fool me once, I should have looked that info up since I was working from a magazine.

So I make the heel again, 100%, my gusset stitches are decreased and... WHAT!? The pattern didn't line up! It was, like, 10 rows off!!

I'm honestly knitting retarded.

So, then I frog back at club, do the heel again, but with a rib instead of a cable so that I don't have to worry about rows lining up. So I'm at club, and Ash says "I want to try it on!" Of course, that seems like a good idea...

It wasn't. The sock was like, an inch and a half too short. So guess what I did, again?

Eventually, I just turned a heel that I found on the internet, which Ash loves because it's comfy and I love because it was so easy to do, and it looks easy to darn. I did a rib up the back heel, and I think it looks fine. Overall, I am pleased.

May I knit these again? Yeah, maybe, if ten years from now I really wanted these socks. Once I figured out the heel, the going was easy. I might make these in a knee-high with a picot heel for a little girl. Would I recommend the pattern? Noooooo.

On an unrelated note, I love how it's so fun to blog when I have to drive to McDonald's to do it, and I'm surprised that I can amuse myself without the internet.

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  1. Congratulations on the socks! Sounds like an adventure.


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