Sunday, November 16, 2008

... Painlessly Romantic Good Life

Okay, okay, I WANT TO KNIT. It's not even funny anymore. It may be funny to those of you who like to laugh at drug addicts, but to me, we've exited the realm of funny and we are now entering the realm of FREAKING OUT.

Here's a brief timeline of my life since I've stopped knitting.

Oct. 20th, Day 0
My arm hurts strangely. I decide maybe if I put down my knitting and go to bed, perhaps it will feel better in the morning.

Oct 21st, Day 1
Morning- I decide to go to the health center before class; the visit takes me from 8AM to 11AM. The nurse tells me to come back at 2:30. My arm feels like it may fall off if I clench anything tightly. At 3, I see a doctor. She laughs at me, says my arm is very badly sprained, gives me a worksheet, asks if I need help quitting smoking, and sends me on my way. I cry.
At 6PM I call Dr. Mom. She informs me that I need to put ice on my wrist, and not use it until it stops hurting. When asked for a timeline, she gives me "Friday."

Oct 22nd, Day 2- Oct 25th, Day 5
I buy a brace, ice packs, and use about $10 in ibuprofen. I stop taking notes in class and master one-handed typing. I use my new one-handed-typing skills to browse ravelry. Ravelry queue increases 75%, then drops, then increases again. The sweetie tells me that when I can knit again, he'll take me yarn shopping. I see this as a beautiful self-sacrifice, or at a pitiful sign that I will never knit again, I cannot decide which.

Oct 26th, Day 6
Dr. Mom makes a telephone diagnosis. I probably won't be allowed to knit until Winter break, Nov. 14th. This timeline depresses me, but I spend half the day online anyway, looking up patterns.

Oct 27th, Day 7- Nov 1st, Day 12
The week passes quickly. I begin to doodle again in small steps, mostly things to knit. By Day 10, there are enough items in my Ravelry queue to last the rest of my life. I try to convince my significant other if he will learn to knit so that I can at least live through him, if I am never going to knit again. He doesn't take this well.

Nov 8th, Day 20
The strangest thing happens. I'm waiting outside the restrooms for the boyfriend to come out, and I find myself moving my hands as if I'm knitting. Sweetie stares at me as if I've gone insane.

Nov 11th, Day 23
Ravelry queue is, for the most part, deleted.

Nov 14th, Day 26
Dr. Mom dictates that the Winter break will be spent "relaxing," and by relaxing I suspect she means "NOT KNITTING." This causes me considerable stress. I begin to make a yarn will.

Nov 15th, Day 27
I go to the yarn shop and drop a few dollars, pretending that I might knit something with what I buy, even though it's blantantly obvious that one skien of sock yarn would make a very bad sweater, and that super bulky cotton-eyelash blend will make someone very uncomfortable socks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home... SWEET! HOME!

My break officially began today, when I got home from school.

And... my hand still feels like it's been slammed in a car door.
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