Monday, September 22, 2008

DUDE! No way!

So, I absolutely love how this sock turned out, and so does the sweetie. It's comfy, with a tight fit.

The next sock will be the "test sock," I just need to stock up on the yarns. It was surprisingly more than I thought, sadly, because how foot is so darn big! Curse you, male feet. Though, I guess I really shouldn't be complaining... haha.

Anyway, I wuv it. Look for it soon, okay? ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Take it apart to put it together right.

I've not had a good week. Knitting wise, my Dude socks are in need of yarn, and my needles got bent. Life wise, I'm back at home due to another death in the family.

My uncle and godfather died on Wednesday, to the surprise of almost every being in the universe. It's so depressing, because he was the nicest person I knew- no lie. He and my aunt were high school sweethearts, almost at their 30th anniversary. He was going to turn 49 on October 5th. My aunt and cousin are so heartbroken, it's horrible to be in the same city, and even my other uncle, who is always very quiet and guarded has been crying since I talked to him on the phone Wednesday night.

My grandfather is also sick in the hospital with a staph infection in his leg.

I feel like my whole life is in crumbles. On top of it all, my family wants me to go to the funeral, which I won't be able to attend because of an exam. If I miss the exam, my teacher won't allow me to make it up, and I'll lose 30% of my grade (meaning it will be almost impossible to pass the course, unless I have a perfect score on the rest of my tests.) I tried to tell my family I couldn't make it, but I feel like I'm abandoning them. My uncle was so kind to me my whole life, and now I'm skipping his funeral because of someone I met two weeks ago.

Hopefully, I'll be able to drive back up to Rochester and take the test early. I don't think so though... I feel like I'll fail the test because I'm so upset, no matter if I take it tomorrow (after driving and crying for two hours) or Monday at 10 AM, just as my brother's helping to carry the casket out of the rain and down the aisle.
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