Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's finished!

I'm seriously rejoicing over my Yarn Vomit Scarf! The KAL ended yesterday, for those of you in the know, but I finished mine today because I'm a cheater! ;) Below is the full length pic! The scarf was about 4 1/2 feet long! Which is, almost as tall as me!Here's a black and white shot. I like this because you can really see the texture made by the chenille:

And, look at all this snow! I hope school's cancelled tomorrow!
I love the snow. . . I hope it stays on the ground more then a week this time!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bugga Boo!

I'm just angry today. No idea why, it's just one of those days. I think I have last-day-of-vacation blues. That, and ANOTHER set of size 5 dpns has gone missing. Well, okay, half a set. I don't know why, but there were only two in my needlecase. . . How does that happen!? I think some sick needle fairy comes and takes them when I'm not using them. . . really. Hopefully, they won't end up in some school official's hands, bent in half.

On a more productive note, I've read Hamlet, Sewn a shirt, and made a few random things on the machine. I've got two patterns in the making, but I have to finish the gloves first. . . (and in order to finish the gloves I NEED MY BLOODY NEEDLES.) Here's a bookmark:

And here's a bucket I made for throwing my flosses into. This was really just practice for the bucket hat sweetie may or may not recieve. . . depending on how competant I am at making it.

I got the sewing pattern from Ric-Rac's Bucket tutorial.

Notice that I appease you all with the spiffy pictures. Hooray! I think I'm going to reorgnize the archives of this blog. THAT should be fun @_@; Heck, maybe I'll rename it and give it a cool look, and move it to typepad as well ;)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lacking Titles.

So, I haven't really been knitting lately. I've had a week-long vacation, and such, no motivation. It's one of those slightly gloomy times when I realize that I have many many things in my head to make and not as much time to make them as I'd like. . . or even as I'd find satisfactory. Right now I'm getting some sewing on: practical things that I'll need for college. I'm not done with anything though.

It was my best friends birthday today! Last night, we went to a movie- Sweeny Todd. It was really good! I made her a heart thingy. Randomly. I may make more, to put in the shop when it opens up.

I had no machine, so I hand sewed it. I am proud. I may gloat about him somewhere.

Monday, February 11, 2008

UFOs are Everywhere

So, my Yarn Vomit scarf is at three feet! I think after another foot, I'm going to cast off. It's exciting!

I also finished one of my sweetie's Valentine's gloves. The thumb was about an inch too long!

I sewed it up though. It now has an ugly seam, but it fits him!

I've also been working in my classes on printmaking. I made a cool plate of a moth and printed on fabric. Below are the plate, a print on black paper, the prints on fabric, and some cut-out prints.

And here's the bag, a present for MeOto! Don't tell, it's a birthday present (she doesn't read this blog anyway so it's okay.)

Um, that's the skivvy today. Pictures!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lent!

. . . I know, wishing someone "Happy Lent" is like wishing someone a "Happy Yom Kippur." For Lent, the sweetie and I have been fasting: Water, Healthy Foods, and no snacking between meals. I've already been tempted. One of the Primary School kiddos was selling candy; I bought some, but I gave it away. And it was salt potato day in the cafeteria! Horrors!

Anyway, you don't want to hear about that. You want to hear about knitting. Of course.

I'm a little disappointed because the new anticraft has only ONE knit pattern! Angst! Though, I supposed if I was that much concerned with it, I would have submitted something of my own. I can't seem to make anything "Anti" enough. Maybe a recent emrboidery project will make it in. . . *thinks* I always have trouble matching the themes though.

Now for a project update!
My scarf for the varn vomit KAL is currently halted. . . I don't know where my other skein is. I'll find it though! I have to clean out my room tomorrow.

Sweetie's Kimono is at a healthy two feet already. I'll be starting the intarsia pattern for the back soon! Exciting. Here's a picture.

And I'm also currently at work on another project. "Sweetheart Mittens." I made them myself!
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