Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Mystery of the Bent Needle

Nothing to do with Amigurumi, but you know what, I'm sure that all you (nonexistant) people out there in Reding-My-Blog-Land don't really mind. I've had to stop knitting for a while, not from lack of motivation, no, but from lack of supplies.

Last Friday, I came home and noticed one of my double pointed needles was missing. I simply chalked it up to my lack of organization, and didn't give a second thought to it until Monday came and I had to make my bus ride. Well, I tore the house apart and found no needle. I cursed my forgetfulness. I cursed my procrastination in acting upon the problem. I cursed the needle, several times.

It finally turned up Wednesday when, as I was walking down the hall to class, one of the teachers stopped me. She said she had found the needle, and given it to another teacher. Then she reprimanded me for five minutes about knitting in school. I wouldn't have minded this as much to mention it in the story, if the whole thing hadn't made me late to class. Plus, the principal has passed me several times while I was knitting and said nothing. The teacher's a bit of a busybody anyway, but PLEASE. It shouldn't disrupt my learning.

To continue, the needle was returned to me at lunch. . . bent in half. Who did it? Why did they do it? I wish I knew, so I could find some sort of malicious way to retaliate.

So there's my excuse. I'm getting new needles tomorrow, so I'll be able to perfect the pattern I'm working on! How exciting. You must all be, ever so excited.
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